Thai is one of the most gifted engineers that I’ve had the privilege to work with. His immense musical talents, great ear, easygoing personality and incredible studio space/equipment all work together to make both the recording and mixing processes a pleasure. I’m consistently happy with the way my music sounds when Thai is involved in the production process, no matter what the genre or style, and always look forward to my next opportunity to record with him.” – COURTENAY GREEN Artist, Writer, Producer
“As a creator of music I love when I work with artists that let me “do what I do”. Thai is that beautiful combination of producer/engineer/artist that gets this concept. He lets you soar in the studio and if something isn’t working he knows how to steer you back to the essence of what the music is about. He has HIS ideas but also wants to engage everybody on the session to bring their personality into the fold. He listens. The vision of the artist is his ultimate goal and he goes that extra mile to get “it” there. His attention to “the details” is apparent when you see him maneuver and work his magic behind the board and his easy going demeanor makes the studio atmosphere one of positive harmony. He’s a shitload of fun to work with and is as professional as they come….. a sweetheart.” – BUTCH NORTON Drummer/Percussionist/Performer (Lucinda Williams, Eels, Fiona Apple)
“Thai came highly recommended from a “famous” Sound Engineer in L.A. He has recorded mixed and mastered several projects for me and I refuse to use anyone else!  His mastery, talent, professionalism, “ears” humor and great attitude is what continues to make him my “go-to” guy. He’s the best!!” – ERIC J. MORONES Saxophonist (Brian Setzer Orchestra), Producer, Author, Studio Musician
“Thai’s attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile have always yielded excellent results. His productions and mixes are top notch. Too bad he sucks at softball!!!!” – ROBERT HADLEY Mastering Engineer (The Mastering Lab, Ojai)
“Music is vibration, sonic cellular agitation; Thai Long Ly can not only expertly capture, record and mix a performance so it transports the listener into the same space as the musicians, but his own vibe is so chill, so professional and compassionate, that his presence encourages sincerity, playfulness and fearlessness. I love working with this guy. He is a master at what he does.” ~ SIMON LYNGE Artist, Performer
“I’ve had the great pleasure of recording drums at Bell Sound with Thai. What I love about him as an engineer is that he works really fast. After briefly talking about the kind of sound I wanted to go for, he knew exactly what to do. Like any great engineer, he knew which mic to use and the best placement for it. I feel that he really takes advantage of the analog aspect of the recording process, meaning that he makes the most out of the signal before it hits the inevitable A/D guillotine and into Pro Tools. The tracks were printed HOT. And when I opened up the session at my studio, the tracks practically mixed themselves. He has an amazing collection of outboard gear that he knows inside out. His Neve Console is magical. To top it off, he also has a very impressive six pack. Haha!! Well what can I say, a lovely guy with great knowledge and a great sense of humor. What else do you need??” – ERIK ELDENIUSDrummer (Billy Idol).
Working with Thai is always incredible. An amazing ear, and very quick to the touch, his professionalism is why I keep on coming back, and confident when referring him to other musicians and colleagues. I’ve been recording vocals and my full music projects with him for the last 10 years, and every production and mix always comes out crisp, full body and radio ready. His honest, fun spirit and calming demeanor is another reason why I love being in the studio with him. I’m definitely on Team Thai for president! – AMEE JANA Singer/Songwriter, Artist Manager
“Thai is a singer’s Engineer. He makes a singer feel comfortable and that is very important for an authentic performance to take place.” – NATASHA AGRAMA Singer, Performer, Recording Artist
“You’ll never have a bad day with Long.  His Soul speaks Truth – in his music, ideas and character.  Hard to find that nowadays in such a powerful combination.  A rare find.  THAI LONG LY ROCKS!” – ELEANOR ACADEMIA, THE BLACK SWAN, Artist, Performer, Producer