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Insanity. Yep… it totally is. It’s the most insane cardio workout you can do at home. The results are amazing. After every 45 minute workout, you’ll be drenched in sweat and relishing in the feeling that you just accomplished something completely HARDCORE! Your body will thank you. Your jeans won’t fit you. Strangers will notice you and you’ll notice more people giving you the “hey, hot stuff!” look when you walk by.

I’m serious.  So maybe you’re not looking for more attention from the opposite sex (or the same… depending on your preferences), but feeling more attractive NEVER hurts.  And having a stronger, leaner, healthier body is ALWAYS hip and in season.  So what is this INSANITY?  It’s a 60 day, at home, total body conditioning program.  No gym.  No lines.  No driving.  No traffic.  Just you, a DVD player (or  your computer) and a small area to sweat in.  Push play and do your best to keep up.  That’s it.  No complicated moves, no fancy equipment, just you and your sweat.  A lot of sweat.


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