Thai Long Ly

specializing in the arts of music production

Random thoughts……

Premier Dragon1. My name translates to ‘Premier Dragon’ or ‘Dragon of Mt. Thai’.

2. I don’t have a job, but I love my work.

3. I’ve toured the world in style with some incredible musicians to some of the most memorable places on earth.

4. I owned a music store in Los Angeles in my twenties.

5. I live and die by the Dallas Cowboys. And have since the age of 5.

6. I am loyal to a fault. Until you piss me off.

7. I’ve been bitten by a black widow while sleeping. On the ass. And stung by a stingray. In the ocean. I’m just waiting for a Scorpion to round out the trifecta.

8. I’d be nowhere without my friends and family. And in L.A., I’d go nowhere without my car.

9. Modern Country music makes my butt pucker. I’d prefer a large stick to the head or a chop to the neck.

10. I like to cook. I hate to clean. But I’d rather be asleep and dreaming.

11. I’ve loved and lost more than I care to admit but I am thankful for each and every scar.

12. I laugh and crack myself up every single day. Mostly at the shite that enters my mind and eventually exits my mouth. I consider a genuine rib breaking eye watering face aching drool inducing laugh a complete and total victory.

13. I’ve never been ice skating. But I have seen roadrunners.

14. I’ve been held at gunpoint immediately after a show for 40,000+ people in Israel. Talk about a buzz kill….

15. I’ve had sex everywhere. Including the internet.

16. I’ve been run over by a car. Although not recommended, I’m no longer afraid of death and live everyday at peace with myself and my choices.

17. I would hug my father so hard if only I could.

18. I say what’s on my mind. It’s usually funny, sometimes intense, not always pretty, but it’s the truth as I see it.

19. I have great patience…. but I don’t do lines.

20. I hate to be late. However, it’s taken me a lifetime to figure out that no one will burst into flames if I’m not on time.

21. I don’t own a gun but I could still hurt you.

22. The sound of a wire whisk against a metal bowl is like ice picks to the spine. You will drop me to my knees before I can reach out and slap you.

23. I have walked barefoot across 1800 degree coals and bent rebar with my throat, yet I won’t pick up spiders with my bare hands.

24. I go to bed when I want and don’t own an alarm clock.

25. I believe that success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. (-Buddha)