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So maybe you’ve seen the infomercials and thought to yourself… “that sh#t doesn’t work… those are actors…” or “I could never have a body like that”. Well… I’m here to tell you that P90X WORKS! All you have to do is show up and press play. So what exactly is P90X? It’s a scientifically designed workout program you do from home, 6 days a week, 1-1.5 hrs. a day, for 90 days. It’s extreme. It’s not easy. But it gets results! And if you think about it… 90 days is absolutely NOTHING. Especially when you’re changing your body, mind and attitude. This workout program changed my LIFE and it can have a profound impact on yours, too.

So you’re thinking… “hmm… that seems too excessive for me… I can’t even do a pull up”.  Well the good news is this…. each and every video not only shows how to do the extreme moves in P90X, but also how to modify them to make them easier on the joints and lessen the impact.  So you work your way up to the full blown moves by starting with the easier ones until you’re comfortable.  And the whole point is to improve… you track your stats as you workout and soon you’ll be busting your own numbers as you set new goals.  And for you ladies who are thinking “I don’t wanna bulk up and look all manly”… nonsense.  In order for females to look all muscle bound they have to supplement up the wazoo.  You just don’t get that way without A LOT of extra stuff going on in your supplementation program.  So what kind of body will you have once you complete P90X?  A sleek, slimmer, more toned body.  A tighter, higher butt.  Firmer arms and no more jiggle.  You’ll still be a woman… just a stronger, sexier, more confident one.  And men… you’ll be more ripped, more cut and stronger.  Much stronger.  Your athleticism and stamina will increase dramatically.  Your clothing will no longer fit and you’ll feel waay more BADASS.  You’re laughing, but it’s true.

And the fact that you do this in the privacy of your own home is amazing.  No driving to the gym, looking for parking and waiting for machines to open up.  No feeling self-conscious because super ripped dudes are yoking up huge amounts of weight while you’re feeling a bit inadequate.  And for the ladies, no guys staring at your chest or butt as you’re just trying to get through a workout in peace.  All you need is an hour a day (Yoga X is 1.5 hours), some dumb bells, a chin up bar and the desire to change your body.  If you don’t have any extra accessories, then super cheap workout bands will suffice and still get you a solid pump.  Regardless, it’s all still cheaper than a gym membership, a personal trainer, gas, etc…

Plus, if  you order through me, I will be your personal Beachbody Coach.  This just means I will be there to answer any questions you may have and to push you towards  your goals.  Together we can help end obesity and all live healthier more productive lives.  Let’s do this!

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